02 November 2011

Ancestry.com Just Can't Quite Get Those Locations Right

It is reasons like this that I wish Ancestry.com would have let us keep the old search. I want to search for John Johnsons living in Bear Creek Township, Hancock County, Illinois, in the 1910 census. Problem is that when I enter the words "Bear Creek," that option doesn't come up in Hancock County.

It shows me the one in Christian Count, Illinois, but that is not the one I want. There is one in Hancock County, Illinois. I'm fairly certain--no I'm 100% certain.

A search for John Johnson (using Hancock County, Illinois as the search term) shows that Bear Creek is in the 1910 census index under that location name:

The question is "why doesn't it show up on the drop down menu when I'm performing a search?"

I've blogged about these questions before and gotten no response or a generic "we're working on it." This is very frustrating.