16 November 2011

Citing Ancestry.com Databases and Images-QuickSheet

"Quick Sheet: Citing Ancestry.com(r) Databases & Images"

This quick guide to citing Ancestry.com's materials by Elizabeth Shown Mills will come in handy for me personally, particularly as I'm working on Casefile Clues. It is not meant to be a replacement for Mills' larger Evidence Explained. Instead it is a quick overview to citation forms for materials on Ancestry.com. The clever researcher could even use the templates for other online databases as well.

There is an electronic version of Mills' Evidence Explained, but sometimes I like things on paper. The print version of her book is too large for me to carry all over, but this quick sheet is nice to have handy. It is not a replacement for the book, as the book includes an excellent discussion of the philosophy behind citation, explanations of concerns with records, etc. This laminated sheet is something I will definitely use.