09 July 2014

Updated How?

FamilySearch is indicating that their 1850 census has been updated.

Ancestry.com frequently mentions updates as well.

Apparently I am one of the few people who wonder:


  • Corrected images?
  • Missing images uploaded?
  • Place names changed or corrected?
  • Transcription corrections?
We can prattle on all way about methods, sources, and citations, but do these changes mean that I need to search for my "missing 1850 people again" in the index or not?

There rarely is any way of knowing just what changes were made when a database has been updated. It is a waste of my time to search for my missing Iowa or Illinois people if the only changes were made to images from New York.

Would it be so hard to have a blog entry somewhere that simply said:
  • Images for Clinton and Essex County, New York were corrected.
  • Database transcription errors across the database were corrected.
  • Missing images for Clinton County, Illinois, were uploaded.

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