26 July 2014

How We Choose Content on Rootdig

For those who are new, I have a simple editorial policy:

I write about whatever interests me.

I don't usually comment on genealogy "news," at least not immediately.

I don't use press releases to create blog posts.

I do announce new United States databases that are on FamilySearch. I don't announce ones that I really don't think are all that helpful.

I don't write about software that I don't use.

I don't write about websites that I don't use.

I write about whatever families or people I am working on...usually as I do it. For that reason some research is incomplete and things are still in process.

I only research families that are a part of my children's ancestry. If you see someone mentioned here extensively, the person is probably an ancestor, aunt/uncle, "relatively close cousin.

My ahnentafel (very incomplete) can be seen here.

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