26 July 2014

Probate Notice from 1807

Date: Thursday, May 14, 1807 Paper: Independent Chronicle (Boston, MA);
digital image obtained on  Genealogybank.com
We've been posting images from Stephen Gibson's 1807 estate inventory, but local probate records are not the only place that can mention some details about his probate.

While newspapers won't contain all the details of the actual court records (and usually contain far fewer), they can confirm some information. This 1807 notice indicates where Stephen Gibson lived and who has been appointed administrator of the Gibson estate. The appointment of an administrator usually means that Gibson left no valid will upon his demise.

This notice would have been more important to us as a researcher if the court records could not be located or were no longer extant. It's possible, but unusual, for the published item to include details that are not already in the court records.

Sometimes it's just neat to see our ancestor's name in the newspaper.

Even if he had to die to do it.