03 July 2014

A Postcard From Trinity Lutheran Church

This is a postcard with a picture of Trinity Lutheran Church in Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois, that I recently purchased from a buyer on Ebay.

The quick genealogy lesson here is that after looking at it upon receipt it dawned on me:

My family was probably not attending the church when this postcard was printed and mailed.

My Habben great-grandparents, Tjode and Mimka Habben were probably still attending the Zion Lutheran Church in Carthage as it did not disband until the early 1920s. My Ufkes great-grandparents, Tena and Fred Ufkes, were probably still attending Immanuel Lutheran Church near Basco as they did not transfer their membership to Trinity until the early 1920s. 

But it still got me to thinking--when was the post card sent?

There are some clues as to when this could have been taken and mailed. We'll let readers post some suggestions and have a followup to come.

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