16 July 2014

A 1944 Letter to the Goggins in Warsaw, Illinois

I occasionally search the listings at  Ebay  for auction items from areas where I have family. Sometimes I stumble upon other items of historical or personal interest. Post cards are the main item I purchase that may contain family information on people to whom I am not related. After all, one has to simply draw a line somewhere when purchasing from online auction sites. 

However, this 1944 letter caught my eye and I made the minimum bid--with the hope that I could return it to a family member. I did not get caught up in the bidding. Apparently no one else did either.

I won the letter a few days ago and am waiting for the actual letter to arrive in the mail.

It was written to Mr. and Mrs. Leo Goggin in Warsaw, Illinois, from Private Edw. L. [Eck?]. At the time Edw. was apparently in Belgium.

When the item arrives, we'll have a longer post about it. I've not done any research at all on the individuals mentioned in the letter.