26 July 2014

Tax Sale of Property in the Newspaper in 1858

One of the difficulties of locating real estate sold by a tax sale is that the deed is not indexed under the name of the owner who did not pay his taxes.

In some locations, there may have been a court action filed against the land owner whose taxes were delinquent. In other locations those records may not exist.

More frequent than legal cases would be notices in newspapers, like the one shown in this post. Before newspapers were digitized and full word indexed, finding these notices took time. For those papers that are available digitally, locating the item may be as easy as performing a search.
digital image obtained on  Genealogybank.com

This tax sale would explain why there is no deed of sale from Asa Landon for the property mentioned in the notice.

We've mentioned Asa before on this blog and there's a little more to this story than just this one tax sale. Stay tuned.