22 February 2014

The Little Brick-Secretary Hay's First School--Warsaw, Illinois

It's not often I purchase something on a non-relative on Ebay, but I stumbled across this postcard and ended up being the only bidder.

And I've decided to see what I can find out about the individuals on this card, both the recipient and the writer.  But I thought I'd post the card, front and back, here on the blog to see if any readers who were inclined could find out more about the people involved.

We'll call this an experiment in crowdsourcing.

The problem is that the writer really doesn't specifically identify himself.
It doesn't even give "Secretary Hay's" last name, but I'm certain readers can find out to whom the reference is being made if they don't know.

We'll have a summary post on this Ebay discovery in a few days. Stay tuned.
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