21 February 2014

A Man Who to His School Work Tends--Jurgen Goldenstein

This is the first picture I think I've ever seen of my uncle Jurgen--appearing in the 1926 Crimson Rambler from Carthage College. 

This was when Carthage College was still located in Carthage, Illinois. At this point, I only know that Goldenstein attended Carthage College in the 1926-1927 era.

 It's not clear who inserted the quote about Goldenstein, but the little quote about him in the 1926 Rambler reads "A man who to his school work tends, and careth not for female friends."

Carthage College Crimson Rambler, 1926 yearbook, page 39; digital image on  Mocavo.com 
There is a picture of Goldenstein in the 1927 Rambler as well.

digital image on  Mocavo.com

The blurb about Goldenstein in 1926 reads "A Goldenstein who hails from Golden. Ah yea, his very silence speaks for him. 'Silence is golden.' "

Someone really played up the Golden reference in the 1926 yearbook. The town of Golden was not named for the Goldensteins. In fact, Jurgen had a family of Goldenstein first cousins who also lived in the same general area.

Interesting pictures. I'm not certain if Goldenstein graduated from Carthage College or not--that's something I will need to follow up on. Goldenstein did serve in the United States Marine Corps and appears on muster rolls from the late summer of 1928 through October of 1953. If he did graduate from Carthage College, it would have been in 1928.

Update: According to the 1928 Rambler (p. 31), Goldenstein graduated in 1928 from Carthage College as a zoology major and was a 1923 of Golden Community High School.

Goldenstein's sister, Tjode (Goldenstein) Habben (1881-1954) is my great-grandmother.