12 February 2014

Breaking the No Citations Rule on This Blog

I appreciate mail from readers. Seriously.

A reader sent me a behind the scenes email based on my recent post ("Churches That Do Not Exist...") and suggested that I might want to consider making an exception to my no citations on this blog policy. And I think I will.

The reader asked for some guidance in creating citations for the specific citation problem addressed in the post (navigating to specific pages in a set of digital images). And I think it's a good idea. Many other types of citations are fairly standard in genealogyland (census, government records, etc.). This one is a little less standard because of the records are digitized, but probably more common than people realize.

Creating citations is like writing--it's partially art and bending the rules when necessary. So I'll bend my own blog rules and post about the specific citation issues addressed in that post.

And if you missed the original post and don't see how the online digital ELCA records have citation issues that don't usually exist on FamilySearch (or even Ancestry.com), take a look.

And keep those emails coming.
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