23 February 2014

Great-Granddad Ufkes Writes a Letter to the Prairie Farmer in 1944

The most surprising finds are the ones that we are not looking for.

A search on Google Books for something else located this 1944 reference in the Prairie Farmer for my great-grandfather, Fred Ufkes.

The "snippet" view is illegible (of course), but it's clearly a Fred Ufkes in Hancock County, Illinois, and there's was only one Fred Ufkes in Hancock County in 1944 (actually there's only been one resident of Hancock County, Illinois, named Fred Ufkes period).

1944 issues of Prairie Farmer are not available in the University of Illinois' "Farm, Field, and Fireside" collection.

Hopefully I can get a copy of the publication in some format. We'll have an update when it is warranted.

Stay tuned.