02 August 2013

Stitching Together the Bowen Illinois High School Class of 1929

This is a scan of the graduating class from Bowen, Illinois, High School in 1929 made from an original in the possession of a daughter of one of the graduates. My grandfather's sister is on the far left in the third row from the top. The scan was done using my  Flip-Pal  scanner.

1929 High School graduating class, Bowen, Illinois.

A few comments about the original:

  • There was a "spot" over the third guy in the second row down. I didn't try to clean it.
  • The gray trim was missing from part of the picture.
  • The black rectangles are because I inadvertently cut off part of the "white background." I didn't have time to go back and rescan.
There were originally 5 scans that were stitched together to create this image. I scanned one part "twice" because I was not certain the original scan had taken. The software was not confused by the repetitive nature of my scanning.

I only know the names of the two ladies who are identified in the picture. Additional comments about the identities of anyone else are welcome.