11 August 2013

Elephind Finding All that the Library of Congress Does?

On Genealogy Tip of the Day's Facebook page, we've discussed Elephind, a webiste which searches free digital newspapers at several sites at once--including the Library of Congress.

And this is where I am confused. I searched Elephind for "rampley" and the Library of Congress digital newspaper site for "rampley." The results were different as shown below with Elephind obtaining 87 hits and the Library of Congress obtaining 168. I am not certain why there is a difference, but this is somewhat frustrating as I liked Elephind's display of the text in which the reference appeared. But if the number of hits fewer than on the Library of Congress site directly, I'll have to go with the LOC site.

Suggestions for what I may be doing wrong would be appreciated-if I'm misinterpreting something I'll happily post a corrected update.

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