07 August 2013

Certification Responses and Comments

Quite a few readers emailed me privately in response to my post about starting my portfolio for BCG certification, so I've decided to occasionally mention various aspects of that process as there is apparently more interest in it that I thought. So from time to time, I'll mention various aspects of my portfolio preparation, but I won't bore readers with too much minutia.

The certification process is heavy on writing, which as regular readers know is one of my favorite analytical tools. Finding a family that I've not used too much in my own writing and blogging is difficult. I've written about many of my families regularly for Casefile Clues and other publications so there's no family that's "fresh," but I think I have found a good one to use.

I have received my document to transcribe, but so far it is sitting on my desk. I'm already a month into the process and it's time to get cracking.