31 August 2013

My 1870 Census Problem

On Genealogy Tip of the Day's Facebook page, we got to discussing "missing" people in the 1870 census. Here is a summary of one of my people I cannot find in the 1870 census. This post is somewhat "informal" and off-the-cuff. If clarifications are needed, we'll put those in red if this post is updated. This post is sans-citations--the census records are easily located online at FamilySearch and Ancestry.com.

About Ira

Ira Sargent (or Ira William Sargent) was born about 1843 in Ontario, Canada, to Clark and Mary (Dingman) Sargent. The Sargents moved to Winnebago County, Illinois, where Clark died before Mary (Dingman) Sargent married Asa Landon in the late 1840s. The Landons left Illinois for Iowa by the 1856 census in Iowa and were in Christian County, Missouri, by 1860.

1850 Owen, Winnebago County, Illinois Census
  • Asa Landon, aged 41, male, farmer, $400 real estate, born Canada
  • Mary Landon, aged 39, female, born Canada
  • Emma Landon, aged 10, female, born Canada
  • Lucretia Landon, aged 8, female, born Canada
  • Ira Landon, aged 6, male, born New York
  • Martha Landon, aged 4, female, born Illinois
  • Minerva Landon, aged 2, female, born Illinois
  • Edwin Landon, aged 3/12, male, born Illinois
  • Nelson Witesall, aged 25, male, born Canada
The family is enumerated in 1856 in Davis County, Iowa

1860 Census, Benton Township, Christian County, Missouri
  • Asa Landon, aged 62, male, farmer, New York
  • Luxesy, aged 18, female, born New York
  • Martha, aged 16, female, born Canada?
  • Ira[nn?], aged 14, female, born Illinois
  • [Mariana?], aged 12, female, born Illinois
  • Edwin [T?], aged 9, male, born Illinois
  • Roxey, aged 7, female, born Illinois
In October of 1870, in Davis County, Iowa, Ira Sargent married Ellen Butler--as indicated in the county marriage records. Asa Landon and his two biological children left Missouri and headed to Michigan and Ontario in theh 1860s. The Sargent children remained in the United States with Ira's sisters marrying in Davis County, Iowa, in the early 1880s. By 1880, Ira is in Warsaw, Hancock County, Illinois, and he remains in Hancock-Adams County, Illinois, area for the remainder of his life.

He most likely is in or near Davis County, Iowa, in 1870, but cannot be located. There are other Ira Sargents in Iowa in 1870 but they are not the Ira of this post.

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