10 August 2013

Library of Congress Newspapers and Flip-Pal Webinars Released

We are excited to announce the release of my two most recent webinars: Library of Congress Digital Newspapers and Using Your Flip-Pal. These presentations are only $5 each--we try very hard to keep our costs within as many research budgets as possible. Our webinars have no sponsors so giving them away is not always a practical option, but rest assured that we don't create content worrying about whether or not some executive or editor in an office somewhere is going to cut something because they didn't like what we said or how we said it. That doesn't happen here.

Library of Congress Digital Newspapers

The United States Library of Congress has free digital images of thousands of United States newspapers, all of which can be searched and downloaded. Researchers who have never used these papers may be missing out the wide variety of material that can be hiding in newspapers. My recent webinar "Using Digital Newspapers at the Library of Congress" was recently uploaded to our website and can be ordered for immediate download.  "Using the Digital Newspapers at the Library of Congress" is a practical hands-on presentation, focusing on search techniques and making the most of this free website. This presentation shows viewers how to search the inventory of online papers, view the newspaper's history, determine what papers are actually on the site, search actual papers, browse those newspapers for manual searches, interact with search results, and save and share located materials. This presentation is available for immediate download via this link .


I have just released my webinar on using a Flip-Pal scanner. If you've not purchased a Flip-Pal because you've never seen one in operation or just want an overview of this gadget, then this presentation will meet your needs. I demonstrate several basic scans, both using the machine right-side-up and upside-down (for larger or bound items). I also show how to adjust scanning settings and using the stitching program to stitch partial scans of larger items together. And along the way, there's a few additional tips mentioned as well. This presentation can be downloaded for only $5 via this link. Download is immediate.

Viewing is for personal use only.

Note: My Flip-Pal was purchased with my own funds and this presentation was not sponsored or supported by Flip-Pal. I am an affiliate of