17 February 2015

Welcome to Our New Readers/Followers/Fans!

We've added quite a few new readers over the past week or so and I'd like to welcome them.

Our mix of topics and content is eclectic, based upon whatever family I'm working on at the moment. I only write about my own families and my own research.

I don't post press releases or other "new" items--there are other sites that do that.

I don't take research requests, but if there's a topic on which you'd like to see a follow up or an area you'd like to see a blog post on, please let me know (mjnrootdig@gmail.com). I won't make any guarantees, but knowing there's interest in a certain topic or person we've written on before helps me to focus my research and writing time.

In the short term, I'm posting images of a variety of National Archives records to help give exposure to those materials.

We've got some interesting things coming, so stay tuned--and feel free to send ideas and suggestions--otherwise you'll end up reading about whatever interests me.

And, as always, thanks for your support of this blog. It is appreciated!

Feel free to let your friends know about us as well--there is no marketing budget here ;-)