24 February 2015

Riley Was Sick in the Fall of 1863

These are the only two medical record cards for Riley Rampley based upon his Civil War service in the 78th Illinois Volunteer Infantry.

The fall of 1863 was not a good one for Riley. He was in the Regimental Hospital with dysentery and diarrhea.

He was admitted to the 14 Army Corps Hospital, Army of Cumberland, on 30 July 1864 and returned to duty on 2 August [edited from the original post which said "2 July" incorrectly] 1864.

That illness is mentioned in more detail in his pension record. Fortunately his pension doesn't mention the diarrhea, but it does mention something happening in late July of 1864.

These records were separate from Riley's compiled military service record.

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Readers can learn more about these records on the National Archives Site: http://www.archives.gov/research/guide-fed-records/groups/094.html#94.12.3