10 February 2015

A Source Within A Source

1929 High School Graduating Class, Bowen, Illinois. Original photograph
in possession of Nellie (Neill) Shanks, currently in possession of her
daughter. Scan made by Michael John Neill August 2013.
I'm not certain I'm overly happy with it, but this is the working citation I have for the photograph of the 1929 graduating class of Bowen High School in Bowen, Illinois (mentioned in "One Picture is Worth Two Sources.")

I do think it is crucial to recognize that the image was made from one copy of the photograph and that the identification of those pictured was made from another.

Source citation:

1. Bowen, Illinois, High School 1929 Graduating Class composite photograph, ca. 1929, privately held by L. Gorrell, [address for private use,] Quincy, Illinois, 2014. Gorrell is the daughter of Nellie (Neill) Shanks, a member of the 1929 graduating class, and the picture was in Shanks' collection of personal effects inherited by Gorrell upon Shanks' death. Identification of those pictured in the composite photograph was via another copy of the same composite photograph described in a letter written to Michael John Neill's father [R. Wartick, Bowen, Illinois, to K. Neill, letter, February 2015, discussing 1929 Bowen graduating class composite photograph; personal genealogy collection of Michael John Neill, privately held by Michael John Neill [address for private use] Rio, Illinois].

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