03 February 2015

Six Foot Two with Green Eyes and Auburn Hair: John Rampley Enlists in the 78th Illinois

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There are many relatives for whom I don't have photographs. John Rampley is one of those individuals.

This card from his compiled military service record at the National Archives provided details on his physical characteristics at the time of his enlistment.

Being raised on a farm, the florid complexion didn't really surprise me, but to be perfectly honest I was surprised that he was six feet two inches tall. Members of my paternal side of the family (from which John hails) were not known for being overly tall. It is also indicated that he had green eyes and auburn hair.

John enlisted in Quincy, Illinois, on 4 August 1862 and was living in Breckenridge, Hancock County, Illinois, at the time of his enlistment.

We'll post other images of his compiled service record in future posts. The others are not as detailed as this one and generally indicate his presence on various muster rolls throughout his service.

What physical characteristics of your family are lurking in military records?