18 February 2015

Webinars This Week: FamilySearch, Females, and Genealogical Proof Standard

Tips and Tricks for FamilySearch  (Moved to 21 February 2015 at 4:00 pm central time)-This webinar discusses ins and outs of using the "new" family search,   searching by family structure, global searches, interpreting searches and troubleshooting. Also discussed are strategies when approaching an unindexed set of images, a new type of record series, or incomplete records. Aimed at advanced beginners and intermediate level researchers. Registration is $6 and can be done via this link

Female Ancestors--February 21, 2015 (1:00 PM central time). This presentation discusses approaches and techniques for female ancestors. Researching women in many locations is made more difficult because of laws and social practices of the time. Geared towards the advanced beginner or intermediate researcher, this discussion focuses on American records and sources. The content is not specific to any one time period and many of the approaches can be refined for different locations or types of records. If you are stymied on your female ancestors--and half your ancestors are female--this may give you the insight you need. Registration is $6 and can be done via this link.

The Genealogical Proof Standard for the Non-Professional--February 21, 2015 (2:30 PM central time). One of our most popular webinars, this presentation provides an overview of the “Genealogical Proof Standard,” including a discussion on the “exhaustive search.” The Proof Standard is not just for professionals, any genealogist who wants to improve their research and get past those stumbling blocks would be well served by implementing it in their research. Our discussion is practical, down-to-earth, and hands-on. Registration is $6 and can be done via this link.

Presentations are made via GotoWebinar. Registrants who are unable to attend live or who have internet connection issues during the presentation can receive a complimentary copy of the recording for personal use only.