14 February 2015

George Rothweiler Disappears in 1904: Part I

A little searching on  GenealogyBank located an article on an extended member of my Trautvetter family. Apparently Theodore Trautvetter wasn't the only member of his larger family whose disappearance involved a train. 

The article transcribed is from the Belleville News Democrat from 21 January 1905 and was obtained on  GenealogyBank.

[begin transcription]

Geo. Rothweiler in South Dakota

Teamster Who Mysteriously Disappeared from Here Four Months Ago

Writes Letter to Wife

States That He is a Prisoner in Jail for Beating His Way on a Train

The mysterious disappearance of George Rothweiler, a well-known teamster of this city, who has been missing from here for the past four months, has been cleared. 

A letter received by his wife on Friday afternoon, dated South Dakota, imparts that he is a prisoner in a jail in South Dakota.

Rothweiler, it will be remembered, left his home four months ago to go to work. He failed to show up for work and also failed to return to his home in the evening.

The disappearance was reported to the police and every effort was made to discover a clue which would lead to the discovery of the whereabouts of the man. 

Nothing, however, was discovered, and Rothweiler's wife concluded that her husband had met with foul play.

Her surprise, therefore, can be imagined when on Friday she received a letter from Rothweiler. In the letter he stated that he had been arrested for beating his way  on a train. He also said in the letter that if his wife would send him $5 or more he would be able to get out of jail.

He says that he as been under arrest for the past two months, and that he is very anxious to get back to Bellville.

Rothweiler says he left home in the hope...

[end transcription]

Stay tuned...there's more to this item.

What's a little frustrating about the newspaper item at this point is that Rothweiler's wife is not named. I'm trying to make certain he's the same George Rothweiler who was a member of my extended Trautvetter family and my attempts to do that at this point are focusing on census records and city directories.