04 February 2015

Muster-Out Versus Paid Out for the 78th Illinois

There are no smoking genealogical guns in Riley Rampley's compiled military service record from the Civil War.

However the card created from his entry on the "Muster-out Roll" does have a footnote which, if nothing else, illustrates the importance of paying attention to such things.

The card indicates that Riley's muster out date was 7 June 1865. The note indicates that the regiment was finally paid on 20 June 1865 and was "under military control until that time." There's a reference number provided as well.

Footnotes aren't made to provide busy work for file clerks. There's probably a reason for the notation and the statement that members of the regiment were under military control during the thirteen days between their muster out and their final payment.

Whether that has anything to do with Rampley is doubtful, but one never knows. We'll have a follow up post in a few days.

Stay tuned.

Bureaucracy is wonderful as soldiers sometimes discover.