21 June 2014

US Census Enumeration District Maps on FamilySearch

I mentioned these maps on Genealogy Tip of the Day as memory joggers after locating the ones for the area where I grew up.

The US National Archives filmed these census enumeration district maps (1900-1940) years ago and FamilySearch recently digitized them and made the available online. The maps are a wonderful resource for those with ancestors in the US during this era. The maps are available for urban areas as well.

This map contains "dots" for rural homes and schools. I probably never will get around to it, but it would be an interesting exercise to see how many of the "dots" I could identify, even if I had to have some help.

If your rural genealogical or historical society is looking for a project, consider taking the map for your area and working on identifying as many dots as you can being certain to indicate the name of the person who provided the information.