05 June 2014

Probate Mentions the Deceased Father-in-Law of the Deceased

One never knows what one will find in estate records. Sometimes references may be made to items that one does not typically expect. That's the case with this image from the estate of Ephraim Puffer.

Ephraim Puffer, Probate case packet 18232, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Report dated 12 April 1770.
Ephraim died in 1757 in Stowe, Mass.
This is part of a distribution report of the estate of Ephraim Puffer of Stowe, Massachusetts. The record shown partially here indicates that it has been found that Jonathan Puffer has been given the full portion from his Grandfather Daby.

The item does not mention anything further about Grandfather "Daby," nor does it indicate any reference to where Grandfather Daby lived before he diedor  any details about his estate. It may be worth my time to start a search for Grandfather Daby by searching for Daby estates in Middlesex County and working my way from there if a reference cannot be located.

The 1770 document indicates that the children of Ephraim are of age--which would have been helpful if that information had not already been known from other records.