03 June 2014

A Deed Confirms in 1752

Sometimes the deeds that don't mention any specific real property are the best ones for a genealogist to find.

This 1752 deed from Massachusetts makes the point very well.

Thomas Sargent and Tabitha his wife are quit claiming their interest in the estate of her father, Samuel Tuttle, of Chelsea, Massachusetts, to her brother John Tuttle, Junr., also of Chelsea. The deed also indicates that Thomas and Tabitha are quit claiming their interest in their grandfather John Tuttle.

The deed does not mention any specific property, but indicates that it covers all real and personal property belonging to Samuel Tuttle or John Tuttle (father of Samuel Tuttle).

These relationships are mentioned in various vital records from the area. The value in this document is that it confirms where certain family members ended up (the Sargents were living in Leicester, located in Worchester County). Vital records often do not "tie" people together in the way that this deed does.

This wonderful record confirmed some identities for me.