28 June 2014

Theodore Trautvetter's Disappearance From Start to Finish Part VII

[Warsaw Bulletin, 31 January 1890, page 4]

Since Troutvetter's disappearance it has been discovered that he had transacted business in a very careless manner, of which is relatives were wholly in ignorance. Although there was nothing criminal about this, it is supposed to have had some influence in causing him to pursue the strange course he did. His careless consisted in letting interest accumulate for several years on one note, and a neglect to pay another, when his family was led to believe both matters had been attended to. If the man was sane, there was not sufficient cause in these neglects for him to leave his family, and that too without a word as to his intentions. This phase of matter is what inclines people to the belief that Troutvetter is at least partially demented.

[to be continued]