08 June 2014

Leaving the State to Find My Kin

For a time in the early 20th century, the Keokuk, Iowa Daily Gate City had several sections that it called the "fill in the blank" Gate City.The image that is a part of the blog post is from the "Carthage Gate City." 

Fortunately the Chronicling America project at the Library of Congress includes some issues of the Daily Gate City in their collection. The newspaper includes these "gossip sections" for several areas on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River where my family has lived from the late 1840s until the present. And while I wait for the eventual day that those newspapers are digitized, I can search the Keokuk newspapers for mention of my relatives.

Sometimes one does have to leave the state to find one's ancestors.

We'll be posting the occasional item of interest on this blog.

We'll try and avoid posting mentions of which relative brought what dessert to the church social.