27 June 2014

Theodore Trautvetter's Disappearance From Start to Finish Part VI


[Warsaw Bulletin, 24 January 1890, page 4]

 and if he had, the river offered a convenient repository for the body and the season was opportune for thus shielding the crime for months to come---perhaps forever.

However, many always held to the opinion that Troutfetter had wandered away.

[Warsaw Bulletin, 31 January 1890, page 4]

The Troutvetter mystery, while partially solved, still remains unsettled as to his whereabouts and his probable mental condition. A letter was received from the missing man by Hill Dodge & Co., last Friday morning, directing them to turn over to his wife the money there on deposit ($500) and also his papers. The letter was not dated, nor did it contain anything to indicate where it was written, but the envelope was postmarked Mansfield, Mo.

Mr. Geo. Troutvetter has continued the search for his brother, hoping to find him and bring him back, but so far without success. Since Troutvetter's disappearance, it has been discovered that he..."

[to be continued]