12 March 2013

An Update of Sorts of Anna Apgar Verikios Lake in 1920

Here's the update I had promised on the search for Anna Apgar Verikios in the 1920 census. Unfortunately, I really only have suggestions for where to go at this point and can update to the point where I can say she still has not been located.

Anna could be enumerated under the last name of Apgar (her biological father's surname), Verikios (her step-father's last name), or DeMar (her mother's last name). Her parents were married well before the time of her birth, but there is always the chance that if she is enumerated with a maternal relative that she is enumerated under that name.

Anna is not with her mother and step-father in Chicago as we discussed in an earlier blog post. Her father cannot be located after 1918. Anna is not with her paternal grandfather in Chicago and her three other grandparents are deceased.

Anna's siblings are too young to have been heading their own household in 1920. One real possibility is that Anna is enumerated with the sibling of one of her parents. Work continues on locating the siblings of William Apgar (her father) and Mary Demar (her mother) in the 1920 census. 

It is also possible that Anna was living with a neighboring family in 1920 or with a family that used to be a neighbor. If this is the case, it is entirely reasonable that Anna is enumerated with the last name of that family--which is unknown. The enumeration district where her parents lived could be checked in an attempt to locate an eight-year old Anna in the household.

Anna's step-parents are living in 1920 in an area some distance from their "home" area of Chicago which is the Pullman area. It is also possible that Anna remained with someone in the Pullman area while her mother temporarily lived elsewhere. 

And I need to remind myself how important this enumeration actually is. I know Anna's parents and whom she married and her children. While it is always possible that the 1920 census is "earth-shattering,' the more likely scenario is something a little less revealing. It might not be worth hours and hours spent in order to locate her. 

And there is always the chance she was simply missed.

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