30 March 2013

Genealogical Statements

I'm working on the definition of "genealogical statements." I'm curious what other researchers may have to think.

At some point the research and the analysis must end and the writing must begin. Typically at that point the genealogist usually should be able to make some sort of genealogical statement about the people involved from the records that have been researched and analyzed.

Genealogical Statements:

·         Express a relationship between two individuals (biological, legal, social, or otherwise) perhaps at a certain point in time.  The point in time may or may not be precise and some details may be lacking. In fact, in some cases, precision is not possible nor is it realistic.

·         Locate an individual taking part in an event at a reasonably certain point in time in a certain capacity.

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Amy Smith said...

Michael, what first springs to my mind is a photograph, although I don't think this was what you had in mind by "statement". But a group photograph can express a relationship between people - as fundamentally as locating these individuals in the same place at the same moment in time (or even a relationship between the photographer and his or her subject).