05 March 2013

Illinois School for the Deaf Attendees in 1889

Published reports can provide a variety of information on people one might not expect.

This report was published in 1889 and contained a listing of all the individuals attending an Illinois school for the deaf in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Included is Sarah Elizabeth Rampley from Hickory Ridge in Hancock County, Illinois.
Twenty-fourth Biennial Report of the Trustees, Superintendant, and Treasurer of the Illinois Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb at Jacksonville, p. 89, (1889), Illinois State Printer, Springfield; digital image, Google Books (http://books.google.com) 

Whether there are still records of the school is something I've not pursued.

Her father James Rampley appointed her brother James Rampley to be her conservator in his 1912 will in Hancock County, Illinois.

One never knows what one will find on Google Books. This reference was located by searching for "rampley deaf" on GoogleBooks.

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