02 March 2013

Alfred Butler's Pension Index Card

This images if of a pension index card for Alfred Butler who served in the US Civil War from Michigan. This image was obtained on Fold3.

Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Between 1861 and 1900, Michigan Calvary, 9th Unit, Company K, Card for Alfred Butler; digital image, Fold3, (from National Archives Microfilm Publication T289) 1 March 2013.

The Alfred Butler on this pension index card is likely the son of my ancestor Benjamin Butler who was in Davis County, Iowa, in 1870. Apparently Alfred remained in Michigan when his family moved west sometime in 1850s. There are several reasons I want to see the actual material in Alfred's pension, most notably information on where he was born any affidavits made by indidividuals who claimed they had known Alfred before his service in the war.

I know little about the Butler family during the Civil War time period and any information may help me to further my research.

There was an application made by a widow of Alfred, but as there is no certificate number given, her application was apparently denied. There was also a children's pension what was approved based upon Alfred's service as well.

Alfred died in 1895 and the card indicates a reference to George A. Stevens. It may be that Butler's widow married Stevens and that her marriage and his pension were the basis of her denial.

Reminder: This card is a finding aid. Details it provides should be validated with actual records whenever possible and should be considered seconadary information.That does not mean the information is incorrect, but there is always the possibility that information was copied incorrectly. The card was not meant to be a transcription or official copy of the documents it references.

Stay tuned, we'll have a brief update when the digital images of the files have been received.

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