13 March 2013

A Customer in the Rothweiler Saloon

One does not expect to obtain evidence of saloon patronizing in Civil War pension applications, but the seasoned researcher knows that there's always the chance of something interesting in these materials.

Ignatz Schmidtz testified on 13 February 1895 in St. Louis, Missouri, on behalf of Wilhelmina Rothweiler's Union Civil War widow's claim. Schmitz was sixty-three years old at the time and was living on Second Street in St. Louis. He served in the war with Rothweiler.

Testimony of Ignatz Scmitz, obtained in the widow's Union Civil War pension application for Wilhelmina Rothweiler, widow of George Rothweiler--St. Louis, Missouri.

Schmitz indicated that he was employed by Rothweiler in Rothweiler's brewery in the early 1860s and that afterwards Schmitz was a "customer" in Rothweiler's saloon.

The rest of the testimony indicates that Schmitz thought Rothweiler was in good health and capable of working.

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