11 March 2013

Vanderlinden Was A Chicago Cop with Good Aim

GoogleBooks continues to amaze me with the gems I discover. 

A 1912 report of the Chicago General Superintendent of Police for the year ending on 31 December 1911 contained two references to Frank Vanderlinden. Vanderlinden was on the Chicago police force in the early twentieth century. 

Report of the General Superintendent of Police of the City of Chicago to the City Council for the Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 1911, Department of Police, Chicago, 1912, title page.
 Vanderlinden was one of the best marksmen on Chicago's police force in 1911. The chart below mentioned his score on a firing test. It also indicated he was a patrolmen in precinct 14.
p. 89

Vanderlinden also appears on a list officers who apprehended fugitives in Chicago in 1911. He and officer Griffith apparently caught Frank Helden on 10 October 1911 in Porter, Indiana, on a rape charge.
p. 41.
The front portion of the book provided a verbal description of the police precincts within the city of Chicago, including the 14th where Vanderlinden was supposedly assigned in 1911. The seven square mile district was bounded as indicated on page 17 of the Report.
Quite a few interesting items in this report. I'll have to try and map out the precinct's boundaries. It should not be too difficult as it is after the street renumbering in Chicago and a modern map websites should help.

I will have to see if Vanderlinden is mentioned in additional reports from the superintendent.

Vanderlinden is the son-in-law of Thomas and Elizabeth (Watson) Frame--English immigrants to Chicago from County Cumberland, England. He married their daughter Hannah in Chicago in the late 1800s.
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