28 February 2013

Wish For FamilySearch

I like that FamilySearch gives us easy access to digital images to a wide variety of original records. Images of the actual materials cannot be beat. Sometimes it takes some finesse to understand and use them, but that's true whether they are being searched in complete digital format, on microfilm, or onsite.

I like that FamilySearch gives us easy access to a variety of finding aids and indexes. Indexes and databases have their problems, but those are limitations we can work around.

What I would like is an easy way to determine what has been added to an "updated" database.

I don't need some of the other ways to "interact" with the data--just because that's not me. Some people like the wiki and other tools. That's ok. But, it's ok that I don't like them as well.

But I really would like to have a way to determine what's new in an updated record set without having to go through it in serious detail.

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