18 February 2013

Using Fold3.com and Errors in Ancestry.com Tree Webinars

Using Fold3.com

This presentation discusses the basics of navigating databases at Fold3.com, ways to search databases and ways to interpret and use your search results. Presented in an easy-to-understand format, if you've wondered if you're getting around in Fold3.com the best way possible and getting the most from your subscription, this presentation may be for you. We've gotten good comments on this presentation--and keep in mind we discuss this from a user's standpoint, not a programmer's standpoint and not a salesmen's standpoint. Download for $4.75.

Fixing Errors in Your Ancestry.com Tree

This presentation discusses correcting "wrong" names, dates, and relationships in your Ancestry.com tree. Correcting mistakes is not as simple as just typing over what's wrong--especially if you've got sources and records linked to data in your tree. We look at multiple parents, multiple relationships or marriages, and how to correct errors in your tree that you've made accidentally. Some time is also spent briefly on how to reduce the chance you get errors in your tree in the first place. Download for $4.75