18 February 2013

The Subscriber is About to Leave-And That's a Clue


Date: Thursday, February 20, 1794  

Paper: Georgia Gazette (Savannah, GA) 

obtained on GenealogyBank.com.

This notice from an 1794 Savannah, Georgia, newspaper provides clues and raises questions. The person of interest is Hector Calbraith, who is listed as the administrator of the Samuel Hill estate. Fortunately Calbraith is not the most common name, particularly when combined with Hector. Calbraith is the "subscriber" who is mentioned as "being about to leave the state." Calbraith does not say where he is going, but this does indicate that he lived for a time in Savannah and that he was held in high enough accord to be appointed an estate administrator.

What relationship he had with Samuel Hill is not known at this point in time.

Always read the entire notice. Even legal notices.