27 February 2013

But Can They Spell Ancestry.com?

I realize people think I'm a little persnickity, but that's ok. 

Ancestry.com recently posted a survey about their home page. Apparently the person in charge of the survey doesn't know how to spell Ancestry.com correctly as showed in this unaltered screen shot.

I guess it really doesn't matter, but it did strike me as a little bit ironic that the name of the company paying for the survey did not get spelled correctly.

Oh, I was able to take the survey twice as well. I logged into Ancestry.com using Google Chrome when the survey first appeared. After I clicked to submit my answers, I realized that I should have taken a screen shot of the incorrect spelling so I had some evidence.

Fortunately when I logged into Ancestry.com from the same computer using Internet Explorer the same survey appeared-typo and all. Apparently they weren't logging in IP addresses. 


Screen shot of Ancestry.com home page survey taken from their website at 11:12 AM Central Time--27 February 2013. Top image in this post was made from the bottom image.
[note: as of 2:25 PM central time on 27 February 2013 the spelling of "Ancestry.com" had been corrected]