08 July 2011

Who Susannah Rucker Was Not

I'm not yet prepared to say what her maiden name was. I may never know her maiden name.

However, her maiden name was not Phillips.

Susannah Rucker, wife of John Rucker who died in the earl y1740s in Orange County, Virginia, did not have the maiden name of Phillips. Period.

The source of this statement is purported to be Edythe Whitley who made the statement in her 1927 genealogy of the Rucker family, who according to the Rucker Family Society (http://www.theruckerfamilysociety.org/V2_N1.pdf), recanted the statement in later years.

If anyone has any source, reference, for the maiden name of Susannah Rucker, I'd love to hear about it. However, if that source, or reference, tracks back to Whitley's 1927 genealogy--and most of the statements that I have seen do, then that's not going to work.

Numerous sites, databases state that Susannah was a Phillips--remember that in the land of genealogy proof, frequency of repetition is not indicative of accuracy.

Susannah [---] Rucker is my ancestor--the number of greats really doesn't matter ;-)