28 July 2011

10 Signs You Have Genealogy OCD

1) You check FamilySearch at 8 AM; 12NOON, 6 PM, and 9 PM every day for updated releases or databases.

2) You've grabbed a green leaf on a real TREE thinking it was on your Ancestry.com page.

3) Your family takes the long way places to AVOID cemeteries when you are in the car.

4) You have seriously thought about HIDING in a library to get locked in after it closes.

5) You spent more searching for your ancestors 1810 tax records than you did preparing your own 2010 taxes.

6) You know more about your spouse's ancestors than you know about your spouse.

7) You would easily spend your entire vacation in a library.

8) You have already scheduled a vacation day from work for when the 1940 census is released.

9) The majority of pictures in your facebook photo section are of people who are dead.

10) You've recognized yourself in at least half of these signs.

(sharing these is great, but please give credit....thanks!)

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