30 July 2011

My Trip to the Allen County Public Library In Ft. Wayne

I'm getting ready for my annual group to the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. As a part of my preparation, I'm making a short list of families or individuals on which I want to work while there. I'm going to keep this page up as sort of a log/notebook for what I'm going to do. Hopefully we'll have updates as time allows during my trip.

William Rhodes/Rhodus and Lucretia/Matilda Jones in 1860

I think that William and Lucretia are enumerated twice in the 1860 census--once in Macon County, Missouri, and once in Breckenridge County, Kentucky. This does seem a little bit unusual, but there are a few reasons which I'll get into as the research progresses. I'm hoping to work on some published materials the library has for Kentucky in an attempt to learn more about the Kentucky individual and his family. Multiple census enumerations in non-adjacent states in this era are very atypical.