03 July 2011

July 4th Offer on Casefile Clues

At last count, I had at least three ancestors who were in the Revolutionary War or provided patriotic service:
  • John Tinsley, of Amherst County, Virginia, died 1817
  • Isaac Rucker, of Amherst County, Virginia , died 1790s
  • James Rampley, of Harford County, Maryland, died 1817
There may be others, but these were the first ones that popped into my mind. Search for your own patriots at the DAR site or the SAR files on Ancestry.com.

In honor of the holiday, we're offering a July4th Special on Casefile Clues--$17.76 for a year and twenty issues from Year 2 (issues 20-40).

Topics here:

  • Volume 2-Number 20--Just One Wife Who Shaves Her Age. Records hinted that a man might have had more than one wife. Despite age discrepancies and first name variations, we've likely proven that there was just one wife.

  • Volume 2-Number 21--1930 Census: Primary, Secondary, Original, Derivative, Direct and Indirect. You'll never look at a census entry the same way again-also shows how in this case, New York became Kentucky

  • Volume 2-Number 22--Finding the Biegers in 1850. Organizing our search and our negative search results in an attempt to find a German immigrant living in Cincinnati in 1850.

  • Volume 2-Number 23--Separating Two George Butlers--working on two men born in Michigan in the same year with a father of the same name.

  • Volume 2-Number 24-A Minor Naturalization

  • Volume 2-Number 25-Genealogical Potpourri

  • Volume 2-Number 26-Looking for Benjamin-Formulating a Census Search

  • Volume 2-Number 27-An 1849 Cash Land Sale

  • Volume 2-Number 28-From 1820-1870 Analyzing Enoch Tinsley's Census Entries

  • Volume 2-Number 29-Middle Name Issues: Finding Henry J. Fecht in 1870 and Passenger Lists

  • Volume 2-Number 30-The Master Reports--An Assignment of Homestead and Dower in the 1890s

  • Volume 2-Number 31-The Parents Sell 10 Acres-an 1880 era land transaction

  • Volume 2-Number 32-Clues from a Pig Murder--an 1820 era Kentucky Court Case

  • Volume 2-Number 33-Civil War Pension Application-Why My Name's Different

  • Volume 2-Number 34-Staying Focused on Divorces and a German Immigrant

  • Volume 2-Number 35-Strategies for a 1820 New York Birth

  • Volume 2-Number 36-First Appearing in an 1847 Marriage

  • Volume 2-Number 37-The Chattel Property Will from Maryland

  • Volume 2-Number 38-6 Marriages, Four Divorces, and Naming All My Siblings-a Civil War Pension File

  • Volume 2-Number 39-A Guardianship from 1870s Documents "of age" children.

  • Volume 2-Number 40-Moving Mother's Inheritance-18th century women's property rights discussion

Take advantage of our $17.76 offer today.