20 July 2011

The Old Ancestry.com Search

There were several things that were helpful about the old searches at Ancestry.com. One of those things was that when we had the "pull down" menus for the census searches, only those states and counties for whom the census was extant would appear on those pull down menus.

Now, every location in the WORLD comes up when I'm searching the 1810 census. I have to go and browse to determine what locations are available in 1810.

I really wish there was the old drop down menu for each census year that only pulled those locations listed in that year on the search box.

Why the 1810 census search for the United States needs to pull up "Peking, Bordekreis, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany" is completely beyond me.

Completely beyond me.

Totally beyond me.

Yes--that is sarcasm.