17 July 2011

Four Generations of 4H

This isn't my usual genealogy post here. It's the week of the 4H fair in Knoxville, Illinois, so I decided to post some 4H pictures I have in my collection. I've got 4 generations of 4H pictures, beginning with my granddad Ufkes' steer in 1933. I have pictures of my dad and myself with livestock and my daughters with their rabbits. My mother was in 4H too, but I don't have any pictures of any of her projects. Of course, when my parents were in 4H, there were "boys' projects and girls' projects." It's not that way any more.

The first picture in this post was the 1933 4H steer of John Ufkes, my grandfather. This is the only livestock picture I have of Granddad's. It most likely was taken at his parents' farm east of Basco, Hancock County, Illinois. Looks to me like this is a shorthorn, but I could be wrong. Granddad always raised Hereford cattle, but 1933 is a little before my time and I'm not certain what great-grandfather Ufkes raised.

The second picture is my Dad, Keith Neill, with one of his livestock projects, probably in the 1950s. I don't think this was taken at the fair--it looks like the west barn, but I'm not certain. It would have been an Angus calf--there was no other breed for Grandpa Neill.

This is me taken at the 4H fairgrounds near Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois. Probably taken in the late 1970s. It may be difficult to see what is on the hat, but it's a picture of an Angus cow, bull, steer, or heifer. I can't quite see what's on my feet, but I know I'm not wearing tennis shoes.

This picture is of Sarah and Katie Neill, taken in the 2000s at the Knox County, Illinois, fair in Knoxville. The animal of choice is now a rabbit!