14 July 2011

Is Casefile Clues the Answer to Your Tight Genealogy Budget?

Is there not enough money in the genealogy budget for a conference or seminar? Are online educational opportunities a bit of a reach or too generic for your purposes? Casefile Clues may be the answer to your genealogical skill development.

Geared towards the intermediate and experienced researcher, Casefile Clues discusses real genealogical problems in every issue. Not broad overviews of records or generalities about how research should be done. Instead we look at real records on real families, see how those records were used, and what further research will be done.

Will we discuss your family? Probably not--although I do have several distant relatives who are subscribers.

But broad overviews of records do not discuss your families either. We've discussed Revolutionary War pensions, War of 1812 pensions and bounty land applications, civil war pension, land records, wills, probates, passenger lists, pre-1850 census records and more.

There is a fairly comprehensive list of our first eighty so issues here http://blog.casefileclues.com/2011/06/141-issues-of-casefile-clues-for-only.html.

A regular subscription to Casefile Clues is only $17 a year--for 52 issues. We focus on clear writing and explanation. There's no ads, no agenda and we're not trying to sell you anything.

Consider adding a subscription to Casefile Clues to your genealogical skill building activities.
About Michael John Neill:

Casefile Clues author Michael John Neill is a genealogist with over twenty-five years of actual onsite and online research experience. He has given genealogy seminars in over thirty states and researched his children's ancestry in twenty different states and five European countries. He formerly wrote for the Ancestry Daily News and Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.