10 December 2014

Top Five Genealogy Tips of the Day

Based upon web traffic, these are the five most popular tips of the day on my Genealogy Tip of the Day blog.

It doesn't mean that these are the "best" tips, but are the ones that come up most often on internet searches, got "shared" the most, and maybe had the best headlines. 

The concepts are probably familiar to most readers, but it never hurts to have an occasional reminder. 

Other than "Grantor versus Grantee," which I already know and "The 1950 Census and Beyond," the other three are ones that I sometimes have to remind myself of occasionally as they can be good ways to get beyond apparent brick walls. 

Here are the top five tips on the blog Genealogy Tip of the Day--based solely on traffic.  Popularity does not necessarily imply that they are better than any other tip.

Do you know the difference between these two terms?
Somewhere besides the local paper.
A lot more actually.
Where will your people be enumerated in 1950?
Don’t ignore those who left no descendants.

I've personally had good luck with "non-local and non-English" obituaries, federal records beyond the census, and making headway on direct line ancestors by documenting kinfolk who left no descendants of their own. 

Maybe one of our more popular tips can help you jumpstart your research.