09 December 2014

Buried Across the Ocean Before He Died: An Ancestry.com Leaf Plea

Ancestry.com's "hint" for my Conrad Haase who died in 1904 in Appanoose Township, Hancock County, Illinois, is a man who was buried in 1902 in Hannover.

Now that's a close match--buried across the Atlantic Ocean before he died.

In all honesty, I realize that Ancestry.com returns this as a "hint" because I could have the date and place of death incorrect.

And people can be buried in a location other the one where they died.

But...still. Can't they set the burial date of the hit to be after the death date I have in my database? Or at least not two years before?

I know that Ancestry.com doesn't listen to me, but here's another idea:

  • let users customize their hints.
I'd like to be able to set the parameters on my hints--choosing how close a date had to be to qualify as a "hint," choosing how close a location had to be to be a hint.

Would I miss the occasional "right" person? Sure. 

But now I only use the hints to see how far off they are and make blog posts about it.

Certainly if they can create all those apps and all that fancy-schmancy DNA stuff they can figure out a way to let users customize the parameters on the leaf hints?