05 December 2014

About This Blog-December Reflections

Every year or so, I think about what I've blogged about and the purpose of this blog. Those who have followed for some time can probably just ignore this post.

I only blog about what interests me and families or people on which I am working. I don't post "all the genealogy news," because there are other sites that do that and I really don't want to create content that readers can get elsewhere. The only exception are the posts about what's "new/updated" on FamilySearch.

I don't include "correct, property formatted" citations in posts either. I know there are some that do and others who view it as a "must." I don't. However, I do include enough detail in the blog post so that someone who actually reads the post can easily determine where and how I located the information. It's my firm belief that genealogists need to be able to read, think critically and to analyze the information they encounter. If there's ever a time when a detail or two has been omitted and a reader would like more information about where something was located, I'm more than happy to provide that information or to update the post. Those who are bothered or offended by that approach can simply stop reading. I do include complete, property formatted citations in Casefile Clues

Because I only write about my children's ancestry, I do not research for others, period. I simply do not have time nor do I write about areas in which I have no interest or expertise. My children's ancestry, by ethnicity is:

  • 1/4 Ostfriesian-from 19th Century immigrants
  • 1/16 Irish-from 19th Century immigrants
  • 1/16 Swedish-from 19th Century immigrants
  • 1/16 Belgian-from 19th Century immigrants
  • 1/16 English-from 19th Century immigrants
  • 1/16 French-Canadian-from 19th Century immigrants
  • 3/32 German-from 19th Century immigrants
  • 1/32 Swiss-from 19th Century immigrants
  • the rest?--various families from Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Tennessee that include Mayflower passengers and 16th century Virginia immigrants.
  • And there's cousins who settled all over the United States and my wife has a step-great-grandfather who was a Greek immigrant to Chicago.
That's enough locations to keep me busy.

I don't write posts to generate lots of traffic, to boost my "clicks," or to try and engender popularity. I write about what I'm doing, what interests me, and my occasional frustrations. 

And sometimes I'm not always serious and am occasionally sarcastic. That's just the way I roll. 

And to those who read on a regular basis...thanks!  It is appreciated. 

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